Moshe's IloveTorah Soferous Stam

 1. There are many types of batim to choose from when purchasing Tefillin. We only sell the best batim that we hand pick from the batim companies that use the highest standards of kosherous, artisticlly beautiful and long lasting. we hand pick your batim for you out of dozens. 

2. There are different types of shins drawn on the outside of the batim according to ones custom.


3. we only try to sell one piece gasos tefillin. This is the best type of batim. It is entirely made from one piece of hide. We look to make sure the hide of the batim is strong and lasting. 


4. The corners of the batim should be perfectly square.

5. There are different sizes of batim. Some sefardim prefer very small batim so they can wear two at once. we can get these at request. Generally the custom is the wear medium standard size batim. Chabad has the custom to wear larger batim and this is brought down in kabbalah. I must admit that I am impressed with the Alter Rebbe, though I am not chabad, for leading his followers on this pathway. It is very holy to wear these larger size batim. They are able to draw down more light from the Sefiros of Chochma and Binah.


6. Shimusha Rabbah batim, there is a dispute as too what size the batim should be. Sefardim say that the batim should be 4.5 and no less were as askenaz say 4.4 is fine. A special mold must be made for the 4.5 batim so it can be complicated to have them made. 

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